Direct Wood Products of Virginia is a full-service, Virginia recycling center!

DWP Pallets of Virginia has the facilities to recycle surplus industrial products!

A Virginia Pallet Company Serving Richmond, 
New Port News & the Mid-Atlantic Southeast



DWP Pallets of Virginia is a NWPCA member.



DWP Pallets of Virginia recycles a variety of surplus industrial materials including cardboard, plastics and metals!

Direct Wood Products, Inc of Virginia.

A Full Service Virginia Recycling Facility

Disposal of surplus materials is problematic for industrial and shipping operations of all types.  Direct Wood Products of Virginia offers an efficient, clean and environment-friendly way to dispose of these materials.  DWP Pallets of Virginia is a full service recycling center that can handle a wide variety of surplus industrial products.

Wood & Wood Pallets






Industrial wood recycling is a specialty at Direct Wood Products of Virginia!

DWP Pallets' industrial wood chipper grinds surplus wood scrap into fine particles.  The end product is used primarily as industrial boiler fuel.  Our goal at DWP Pallets of Virginia is to minimize the amount of scrap material bound for the landfill. We remain dedicated to a cleaner environment.

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